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Life after Diagnosis - Live your best life.

This months Living with IH community catch up was held on 15th November.

Topic: LIFE AFTER DIAGNOSIS - Insights into how to live your best life.

This was part one of a two part presentation and discussion on ‘Improving overall health and wellbeing and how that can have a positive impact on managing IH symptoms’.

In part one we delved into the important topic of self-care. We discussed what that means and how it can positively impact your wellbeing. We also explored the concept of acceptance, which can be a transformative milestone you may not even realise you need to reach. We discussed the effects of stress and effective methods for minimising its impact with practical tips on achieving that goal.

Part two of our series, takes place on Wednesday, 17th January 2024. In this session we will explore physical health including diet, exercise, and the benefits of Mindful Movement. You will discover how simple but effective lifestyle changes can enhance your ability to manage symptoms and improve overall wellbeing. Additionally, we will look at medication management, discussing ways to harness its full potential.

If you missed the November catch up you can view the words to the presentation and the slides here If you would like to attend our Living with IH community group catch ups and you haven't registered please go to the support group page for more information (this page includes a link to register).

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