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Life after Diagnosis - Live your best life.

'LIFE AFTER DIAGNOSIS - Insights into how to live your best life' is a 3 part presentation and discussion on ‘Improving overall health and wellbeing and how that can have a positive impact on managing IH symptoms’.

Taking a holistic approach to managing IH is vital. Incorporating physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components of health is essential to overall wellbeing. There are many things that can have an impact on the severity of our IH symptoms and our ability to manage them. If your overall health and wellbeing are compromised, so too will your ability to manage your IH symptoms.

Making positive changes can have lasting effects on your personal wellbeing. The foods you eat, the amount of sleep you get, and your exercise habits can all influence your weight, hormonal health, level of pain, inflammation, and impact the severity of your IH symptoms and your ability to manage them.

In part one we delved into the important topic of self-care. We discussed what that means and how it can positively impact your wellbeing. We also explored the concept of acceptance, which can be a transformative milestone you may not even realise you need to reach. We discussed the effects of stress and effective methods for minimising its impact with practical tips on achieving that goal.

In part two of our series we explored healthy eating and how making different choices can have a positive impact on our symptoms and our ability to manage them. This also includes information on hydration, electrolytes and caffeine. Additionally, we looked at medication management and discussed ways to harness its full potential.

Our third session focused on sleep, the important role of morning sunlight including the impact of melatonin and cortisol. The consequences of Vitamin D deficiency and also physical activity and the benefits of Mindfulness and Mindful Movement.

If you missed the first session (part one) you can view and download the pdf here . If you missed the second session (part two) you can view and download the pdf here. You can view and download the pdf of the third presentation here

All 3 pdf's include the words and the slides from the presentation and much more information.

If you live in Australia or NZ and would like to attend our Living with IH community group catch ups and you haven't registered please go to the support group page for more information (this page includes a link to register). Live in another part of the world and looking for support? There are Living with IH community groups in the USA, Canada and EMEA (Europe/UK, Middle East and Africa). These groups have regular catch ups via Google Meet (similar to zoom). The Living with IH groups provide a friendly safe environment where members can discuss their challenges and successes as well as share advice, resources, and support. For more information:


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