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Buy a shirt, take a photo of yourself wearing it, and sharing it with the hashtag #LivingwithIH during the Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week.

If you live outside of Australia and would like to order a TShirt please contact us at 
Please do not order via this store.

We are very grateful to Milo Hiisikolo for these edgy designs.

Milo creates relatable IH comics. Check them out at their Tapastic. Like, subscribe and comment on the comics to help bring visibility to IH.


You can also visit Milo's ko-fi where you can donate to help them continue their work.

The images on the TShirts may be difficult to see. Click on the images on the right for a closer look.

Please note: these images a covered by copyright and can not be used without permission.

Living with IH TShirt
Living with IH TShirt
All of the items in our store include delivery to anywhere in Australia. If you would like to order an item to be delivered anywhere else in the world please contact us at 
BEFORE placing an order. 
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