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4-10th SEPTEMBER 2023
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The most important annual event for Idiopathic Hypersomnia is the Worldwide Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week® hosted by Hypersomnolence Australia. It is held annually in the first full week in September.


The Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week®’s social media is the central hub for the Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week event so make sure to "like" our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram


It is the mission of Worldwide Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week® to raise awareness and increase the understanding of Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH). We also aim to help improve the level of education of IH among the general public, people living with IH, and medical professionals. Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week® was established in 2013 and is hosted by Hypersomnolence Australia who actively encourages other people and organisations to join in this effort. After all, we have similar goals and we champion this cause for the same reasons. We believe the key to success is a unified voice under one banner.

The IHAW is a truly worldwide event. We have worked with Ambassadors in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, and Australasia. 


If you are a group, or organisation and would like to hold an appropriate awareness event you can register your event by completing this form. 

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The Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week® is a registered Trademark in the United States and Australia and is recognised throughout the world as a significant annual awareness raising event. We are a non-profit organisation that does not receive funding and we do not charge membership. To enable us to continue to host this very important event we need your help! 

What can you do to help raise awareness_


Also check out our Living with IH page for more images

Your idea can make a difference

The Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week® is a Worldwide collaborative event. If there are any individuals or organisations that would like to get involved or share their ideas please contact us at


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Sharing your experiences not only helps to raise awareness and educate others it can also be empowering and can help light the way for those who are walking a similar path.

Go to our Living With IH page to read stories and perspectives shared by people living with Idiopathic Hypersomnia. Send your stories to

Feel free to send us your story in your own language. We share
stories and perspectives in all languages.

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Download a poster (or make your own) and take a photo of you holding it and share it online.
or share it without a photo 

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We have a range of TShirt and Mug designs. An example of them can be found in HA's Store.

We have processed custom orders for people all over the world so if you do not live in Australia and you would like to buy one of our TShirts or Mugs please email us at:
Please DO NOT order via HA'S Store.

Let us know what t-shirt or mug design you would like, also the colour and size (size chart can be found in our store).
Please also let us know what country you are in. We will reply with a price in your currency* and details for payment. Payment is made via a secure PayPal link. 

*Re: price, TShirts are generally $32US and Mugs are $30US

View and Download a copy of our Idiopathic Hypersomnia Factsheet

You can also download a copy of Hypersomnolence Australia and Hypersomnia Foundation Idiopathic Hypersomnia Trifold Brochures.

Summary pages are available for each of the past Awareness Weeks: IHAW2019IHAW2018,  IHAW2017IHAW2016

For a summary of the IHAW from 2013 -2015 click here.

There are online Living with IH Community Groups in the USA, Canada, Australia/NZ and the EMEA (Europe/UK, Middle East and Africa)*. Meetings are held every month via Google Meet or other similar video conferencing.

The aim of the meetings is to provide people diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH) with a community where they can offer and receive peer support and to assist with the isolation that many people with IH experience. Living with IH community groups are an informal monthly catch up where people diagnosed with IH can feel relaxed among others that truly do know what it is like living with IH.

See below for contact details of the LWIH community in your country/region.
*If you live outside of the USA, Canada or Australia/NZ feel free to join the EMEA group.


Living with IH USA 
If you live in the US and would like to attend please contact Megan at for more details. 
Members of the LWIH USA community group are also welcome to join their Facebook group


Living with IH EMEA* (Europe/UK, Middle East and Africa) 
Please contact Matt Baker at if you would like to attend and for more details.
You are also welcome to join the Living with IH EMEA Facebook group.

Living with IH Canada 
Maryann, Rebecca and Kristin are the LWIH Canada LWIH group facilitators. If you live in Canada and would like to attend a meeting please contact
Members of the LWIH Canada support group are also welcome to join their Facebook group:

Living with IH Australia/NZ

Living in Australia or NZ and would like to attend a meeting? Please complete this brief form

You can find more information on the support group page of our website. You can also email

Images to download and share - scroll down to find these posters in various other languages 

There are more images you can share on the other IHAW pages - links above, and also on our Living with Idiopathic Hypersomnia page

Click here to download a pdf copy of the poster below.
We are in the process of translating this poster into other languages see below
IH poster_Page_1.png
Norwegian                                                          French                                                              Dutch 
IH poster NORWAY image.png
IH poster French 2 IMAGE.png
IH poster Dutch.png

Click on the images to download a pdf.

Spanish                                         Italian (see further below for more resources in Italian)                                   German
Finnish                                                               Portuguese                                                         Indonesian                                                             
Japanese                                                                                    Hebrew
Italian Top 12 Tips.png

Click on the image to download a pdf.

Click on the image to download a copy of our 12 Top tips for people living with IH in Italian.

We would like to thank all those in the Idiopathic Hypersomnia community that helped translate our posters.
Dr Makoto Honda - Japanese                                 Dr Meillyssa Chandra Hutabarat - Indonesian       Tom Helge Rasmussen Uhlen - Norwegian 
Dr Andréia Welter - Portuguese (Brazil)                  José Silveira and Charo Rey - Spanish                 Stav Rokach - Hebrew        
Mateusz Zmudzinski - Polish                                 Emilie Vanhaesendonck - French and Dutch           Marina Kojima - Japanese
Alexandra Katharina Nothnagel - French                  Anna Paczulla - German                                     Valérie Hoch - French  
Seline Stokkelaar - Dutch                                      Milo (HiisikoloART) - Finnish
Feri Ascencion
from Narcolepsie België en Nederland - Dutch       
Massimo Zenti, 
Fabio Cecchinato and Patrizia Gianotti Finckler - Italian                                         

If there is a language that you can help us translate our posters into please email us at   
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