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Fundraising Made Easy with Ritchies IGA & Drakes Supermarkets

We have nominated Ritchies IGA and Drakes Supermarkets as our Fundraising Partners. Help Hypersomnolence Australia help you! Recruit your friends and family too, and let them know what a deserving cause they’re supporting, just

by shopping at Ritchies IGA and Drakes Supermarkets when they scan their app code.

DRAKES SUPERMARKETS If you live in South Australia (SA) or Queensland (QLD) and have a Drakes store near you* download the mydrakes app from the Apple or Google play store and choose Hypersomnolence Australia as the community group you would like to support (scroll down to find it if the search field doesn't work). Click here for more information about the benefits of the mydrakes app (there are prizes to win and discounts on groceries and fuel). For every $2 spent at a participating Drakes store in SA and $1 in QLD, 1c will be accredited to Hypersomnolence Australia. *Click here to find a store near you. RITCHIES IGA Ritchies IGA stores are located in Victoria, Queensland and NSW. Click here to find your nearest store. When you shop at Ritiches and use your Ritchies Loyalty Card. They will donate a percentage of your purchase to your nominated charity.

Every month, Hypersomnolence Australia will receive 0.5% of our members’ spend PLUS, as members, you will receive special offers and member only specials via the App.

To make joining easy, there is an App for both IOS and Android smart devices. If you don’t have a smart phone, or would like a physical card, this option is also available and can be linked to the App (cards are available in store).

You can download the Apps by scanning the QR codes below - or search for Ritchies in the Apple App

Store or Google Play.

Instructions below on what to do once you have downloaded the Ritiches app:


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