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IH Support Group - Have your say

We have received a lot of positive feedback with regards to the three virtual support group meetings we have had so far so we have decided that they will be something that we will continue to do on an ongoing basis. What we want to know now is what does an effective support group look like to you? Should it invite health professionals along who give talks on various health related matters? And if so, what topics would you like to see discussed? HAVE YOUR SAY! This link will take you to a quick survey. It shouldn't take long for you to do but it is important. Your feedback will be used to help us develop meetings based on the needs of people living with Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH) so that participants can find the support group meetings helpful. Our support group meetings are open to people with IH in Australia and New Zealand. We welcome friends and family of attendees and also parents of younger people with IH.

We look forward to your feedback and seeing you at one of our future support group meetings! Michelle and Toni