We can not do this alone

We need your help, we can’t do this alone! The Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week® (IHAW) is a registered Trademark in the United States and Australia and is recognized throughout the world as Idiopathic Hypersomnia's most significant annual awareness raising event. The annual IHAW is organised by Hypersomnolence Australia (HA). HA receives no funding and we charge no membership so we depend on your donations to help us raise awareness and to advocate for more research, that we hope will one day lead to better treatments and eventually a cure for Idiopathic Hypersomnia. So please consider donating to help us continue this very important event. Click here to donate via PayPal Other ways you can help CREATE A FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER Facebook fundraisers are a great way to help raise funds. All proceeds raised will go directly to Hypersomnolence Australia through the PayPal Giving Fund. Click here to set up your Facebook Fundraiser. Click on "select charity" and type in Hypersomnolence Australia. If you have any trouble setting up your fundraiser, please feel free to contact us for assistance. HOLD A FUNDRAISER

Get some friends together and host an event. Whether you host a sausage sizzle, cake sale, trivia night, organise a walkathon or you would like to donate the proceeds of your next garage sale, your fundraising will make a big difference. Contact us and let us know about your event and we will do what we can to help promote it.

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